A Post About L O V E February 05 2015

I've never been one to get super jazzed up about Valentine's Day. Screw the idea of ONE "romantic" holiday dedicated to expensive gifts, dinners, high expectations and unnecessary fights. It's time to celebrate love Sugi style! Heck, it's a brand new year and truthfully, I don't believe I show my appreciation for ALL of the people I love enough. I do quite love love. Instead of actually celebrating the holiday, I've decided that I should show my appreciation for the ones I care about starting with the Vintage Electric team! 

Now I could make cutsie cards with hearts all over them and a detailed message about what I admire about each of them, but I know only Kelsie would appreciate that. I have to remember that I'm dealing with a bunch of dudes here. So I got them some Valentine's Day gifts that I thought were pretty funny.


Andrew: ANYTHING you can build. He tends to have A LOT on his mind and a lot on his plate, so anything that can keep his focus for an extended period of time is fantastic. I spent the holidays in Japan and found the most badass, thoughtfully designed, wooden art building set with "Andrew" written ALL over it.

Naturally, he loved it. 

Ki gu mi: thoughtfully designed wooden art. 

Brian: Our Operations Manager arguably has the most stressful job. He is a problem solver who has the daunting task of bringing us back down to earth and often carries the burden of being the most serious human in the office. That's why I decided to order prints of his least favorite picture of all time. When Vintage Electric had its first team photo shoot for the local paper, somehow the final picture chosen featured Brian with his eyes closed. This picture has haunted him from the beginning, and it'll most likely resurface periodically until the end of time. Being the sadistic joker I am, I decided to order several prints of this shot zoomed in on his face. I originally did it to lighten the mood and put a smile on his face, but I’m pretty sure it doubles as a life lesson… Some real “face your fears” type crap. Ultimately, he's not too happy about it, so I’m opting out and giving him $1 million dollars. 


Blake: Easy… In N Out Burger #1 (Double-Double meal) with cheese fries and a root beer. OR egg rolls from the food truck.


Nash: I can't tell you how many times Nash asks me to do stuff for him. He’s like a brother, so I really don’t mind. But he’s like a brother, so I also do mind. I’ve made him countless stickers for his truck, t shirts, bought him lunch, bought him dinner, bought him lunch… Wait, I think he still owes me $40.00. Anyway, the list goes on. That’s why I am going to make him a custom sticker that reads: “I'M SUPER NEEDY” Love you, Nash! 


Kelsie: Being the only other lady in the office, she is automatically deemed the most difficult person to get a gift for. Right off the bat, I thought…. cookies or cupcakes. But then she'd probably actually kill me for baking her an entire batch of cupcakes. Kelsie and I share some pretty epic karaoke memories, so I decided that Spotify playlists specific to her "office moods" would be perfect. Sometimes, especially when working in an office with all boys, you need to put your headphones in and tune ‘em out. I’m pretty certain these wouldn’t be approved to play out loud, so here you go.


1. The “I Miss Home. I Need to Listen to Country Music.” Playlist

2. The “Let’s Periodically Pause for 90’s Dance Breaks. Yeah, 90's Music!” Playlist

3. The “I WILL Murder Every Person in This Office Today.” Playlist

4. The “I Like to Party but I’m Also Chill and Like Chill Things and Can Be Super Chill.” Playlist

    You’re welcome.


    Regardless of the day, week, or month, sometimes it's nice to let those you love know how much you really care about them, even if it's a harmless joke at their expense (Sorry Brian and Nash). To my Vintage Electric family, I love you! Also, I will provide a list of acceptable gifts that I will happily take at any time. 


    Santa Clause is Comin' to Town December 01 2014

    A Very Merry Vintage Electric Christmas from Vintage Electric on Vimeo.

    Our crew had a blast tearing up the streets of San Jose on an E Tracker. Thank goodness we built these beauties to last. Happy Holidays from Vintage Electric!

    H A N D C R A F T E D November 25 2014

    Long days and all nighters really don't seem all that bad when you gaze upon and ride a completed E Tracker.

    Ready…"BRAKE" November 21 2014

    The Importance of Break Time


    I am typically a rule follower, but when it comes to certain cases, rules were meant to either be broken or not exist. For example, I eat my meals at my desk. “They” say you’re not supposed to do that. For a few reasons, actually:

    • you can’t detach yourself from the source that drains your energy (work)
    • you end up eating more (Have some self control, people. Portion your food like the willful people we are envious of.)
    • you’re sitting longer (This doesn’t make sense. We sit most of the day only to go home and sit some more.)
    • your productivity diminishes, because you become more tired.


    I say, that’s rubbish, yo! These thoughts are based off of the idea that people don’t take breaks at all. I understand that. We do need breaks. I just disagree that our breaks need to be so meal centered. Why? Because you need your break time to focus on YOU, not your meals. Many people ask me how I stay stimulated throughout the day, how I find inspiration after sitting in an office majority of the time… How does anybody find inspiration when your office doesn’t have a space dedicated to “idea making”?


    The answer is simple… Take a break. Not just any ol’ break though. First tap into what makes you excited. What makes you feel inspired? What activity helps fuel your inner workhorse? I discovered not long after starting at Vintage Electric that I love being outdoors or being active. Having the wind in my hair and feeling the exhilaration of being outdoors at least one moment of my day makes me happy. Heck, even pausing for a dance break makes me happy. My breaks are a little unique, because I am lucky enough to have an E Tracker (or even a bicycle for that matter) at my leisure. If you like to draw, or read, perhaps you should reevaluate your break time and truly eliminate the idea of mealtime.


    Breaks are essential to my stimulation and success. It feeds my mind, body and soul.


    “Cut to the chase, Sug.” Okay, okay, onto the good stuff. I swear these bikes are insane. I wanted to write about something relatable. Everyone loves a coffee break, but what I underestimated was where this coffee break would take me.


    Andrew was kind enough to lend me his E Tracker so I could zip to Los Gatos High School (our old stomping grounds) to meet my mom for coffee. We went to a local coffee shop and sat outside so she could debrief for a moment and I could evaluate my work agenda for the day.



    The buzz of the coffee hit me and adrenaline was still surging through my veins from the ride. I had scheduled a morning meeting with a friend who works at Netflix and decided I should proooobably just take the E Tracker to her office.




    After my meeting and mayyyybe riding it to a few other locations, I realized I’d carelessly been away for quite some time and it dawned on me that I should probably head back into the office. Ooooops. I got a little carried away on my “break” (productive break, I will add). In all honesty; 10 minutes would have been enough for me.



    Riding the bike and being outdoors was everything. Usually just a ride down the street will get me jazzed up enough to be in the office all day and go, go, go. Once I got to the office, my mind couldn’t stop. I even ate at my desk. Take that,!

    Case and point: Don’t forget about YOU, and simply do what makes you happy for at least one portion of your day. Adding it to your break time will only make you more productive. I truly believe that.




    Sugi out.

    Raise Your Glass... August 05 2014

    We did it!


    We made it through our first year at Vintage Electric, and let me just say that it has been quite an eventful year to say the least. Between being featured in noteworthy publications to hosting our very first event “Crash d’Concours” in Pebble Beach, we have a lot to celebrate considering all we’ve accomplished in just one short trip around the sun. Perhaps one of the most important accomplishments this year so far is officially moving  locations and expanding Vintage Electric Headquarters. Our new office is bigger, badder, and emulates our style to a T. Finally, a space where we can let our visions and ideas soar and, most importantly, show our customers what Vintage Electric can really bring to the table.


    In our new showroom, we’re giving you a chance to step into our home. We’re both proud and excited to be able to present all we have to offer the moment you walk in the door. Not only will you be able to browse through our selection of helmets, shirts, and other accessories, but you will also be able to physically choose your customizable options for the E-Tracker right here. (Grips, saddle, tires, paint - the showroom is your oyster!)


    Along with an amazing retail experience for our customers, the new office is now deemed a great space for collaboration and creativity by our kick ass team. Additionally, it doubles as a comfortable yet inspiring place to host meetings with clients and partners. We are tremendously excited about the look and feel, but mostly proud to showcase who we are as crafters and how we’ve developed into the intriguingly awesome team that is Vintage Electric.


    The biggest addition… a much larger manufacturing warehouse for my boys to build virtually anything. In all seriousness, these boys really can build almost anything. So, obviously, we wanted to create a space where they have no limits. Much of the first week was dedicated to the hand built workbenches tailored to each builder’s needs and preferences.


    We are pretty excited to start this new chapter at Vintage Electric. Thanks for riding along with us throughout our journey so far. Stay tuned for more updates from "Sug Says"!


    - Sugi