Raise Your Glass... August 05 2014

We did it!


We made it through our first year at Vintage Electric, and let me just say that it has been quite an eventful year to say the least. Between being featured in noteworthy publications to hosting our very first event “Crash d’Concours” in Pebble Beach, we have a lot to celebrate considering all we’ve accomplished in just one short trip around the sun. Perhaps one of the most important accomplishments this year so far is officially moving  locations and expanding Vintage Electric Headquarters. Our new office is bigger, badder, and emulates our style to a T. Finally, a space where we can let our visions and ideas soar and, most importantly, show our customers what Vintage Electric can really bring to the table.


In our new showroom, we’re giving you a chance to step into our home. We’re both proud and excited to be able to present all we have to offer the moment you walk in the door. Not only will you be able to browse through our selection of helmets, shirts, and other accessories, but you will also be able to physically choose your customizable options for the E-Tracker right here. (Grips, saddle, tires, paint - the showroom is your oyster!)


Along with an amazing retail experience for our customers, the new office is now deemed a great space for collaboration and creativity by our kick ass team. Additionally, it doubles as a comfortable yet inspiring place to host meetings with clients and partners. We are tremendously excited about the look and feel, but mostly proud to showcase who we are as crafters and how we’ve developed into the intriguingly awesome team that is Vintage Electric.


The biggest addition… a much larger manufacturing warehouse for my boys to build virtually anything. In all seriousness, these boys really can build almost anything. So, obviously, we wanted to create a space where they have no limits. Much of the first week was dedicated to the hand built workbenches tailored to each builder’s needs and preferences.


We are pretty excited to start this new chapter at Vintage Electric. Thanks for riding along with us throughout our journey so far. Stay tuned for more updates from "Sug Says"!


- Sugi